ESTUDIO ESPEIS | about us & services

We are a music production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We create Original Music for Films: Cinema, TV Series & Advertisement.

Filmscoring & Sound Desing
Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering
Voice Over Recording and Podcast Production


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Ezequiel Tarica | Founder, Composer & Sound Engineer

Ezequiel is a composer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
He has produced over 15 studio albums, collaborating with artists by recording, playing, arranging, and mixing. He has released 3 albums featuring his own music.
The scope of his work includes electronic music, jazz, classical, pop-rock, modern contemporary, and songwriting.
At the present time, he is studying sound healing, meditation, and music for films.

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Alejandro Starosielski | Composer

Alejandro is a composer, producer, arranger, and guitar soloist.
After 10 years of playing and recording in several groups he presented Fuente, his first solo album, touring all over Europe.
As an artist he is involved in jazz, classical, experimental, and Latin American folk music, and is currently producing a second album as composer and band leader. Founder of 
Since 2007 he carries out a teaching practice, accompanying his student’s creative processes. He is also a yoga enthusiast, and he is studying for a degree in Social Anthropology.

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Hernan Kirchuck | Composer

Composer, bassist and guitarist specialized in songwriting & music for films.